The course feedbacks I received for the winter term of 2016 are very good. The overall mean score for all three classes is 1.32, 1.49 and 1.63, which are above the school’s mean of 1.29. Some of the positive feedbacks I got are that I’m doing well in the class. I’m cooperative and give time to students. I respond back to them in a timely manner. The slides I use are good and informative. My way of teaching is interesting and I’m able to clear their concepts. I’ve also got a few compliments on my dressing style.

On the other hand, I received few less enthusiastic comments. One of it said that assignments should be easier. I personally feel that assignments were not hard, rather were tricky. So, if someone was able to pay attention in the class, would have been able to work on the assignment.

And someone commented that assignment should be clear on the requirements and should be based on the concepts covered in the class. I feel all the requirements were mentioned in the assignment instructions. Moreover, each assignment had a rubric, and students were graded based on that. Still in the future, I’ll try to make my assignment requirements more clear.

One of the students felt that they were copying more code from my screen rather than comprehending the programming and learning common pitfalls. This comment is of some interest to me. I’ll try to improve this in future.

Overall, I felt that the students were satisfied from my teaching. They were able to learn the new concepts. I could see this from their assignments and project. I’m still learning new ways to teach and improve myself.

Here are some of the comments from my three classes.

SYST10199 Web Programming – Term 1161 Class 76051:

  • He is really a great professor does everything on time and he is up to date with the material always ready to help. There is only one bad thing about him he grades very strictly.
  • He is very hardworking professor.
  • The professor is very good and cooperative ready to help students everytime in any situation and moreover sir has tried his best to make students understand course easily.
  • I believe Tatla is one of the best professor I have ever learned from. His slides and presentation are very helpful and well informed. He challenges his students with difficult assignments but will always be there when you need help. It great to know that Tatla is able to respond to his students in timely manner. I feel like he more of a friend than professor.
  • Gursharan Singh Tatla is very intelligent teacher. His way of teaching is very interesting and effective. He always clears the concepts in a proper way.

SYST10199 Web Programming – Term 1161 Class 76053:

  • Gursharan is an amazing professor. He is very approachable and knowledgeable, and is always open to giving helpful guidance to his students. I would not want to learn this course material from anyone else.
  • Great professor, probably one of the best I had. Knows what he is doing, has sense of humor and knows how to engage audience. 11/10
  • Great prof, good presentation skills and runs a good class.

Scope of Improvement:

  • Needs to VERY clear on the requirements on assignments, also if something is not covered in this course outline it should not be evaluated.
  • Gursharan is a good professor. However, this course felt like we were copying more code of his screen, rather than comprehending the programming and learning common pitfalls. On another occasion we had to complete assignments with materials and techniques that were not covered in class, this point however could have been because of the shortage of class time, due to the amount of material to cover.

PROG37721 – Web Services using .NET and C# Programming – Term 1161, Class 76456:

  • The man.
  • This prof is stylin’.
  • Teacher is good helpful communicates well.
  • He is very approachable and very good at explaining things. Super exciting and a great person.
  • Great teacher knows a lot about course content.
  • Dresses with style Good teacher Nothing really to improve in teaching style Add comments while coding in class so when returning to the code to study later, students can remember material taught, or for students who miss class.