Teaching Responsibilities

My Teaching Responsibilities

Following are the courses I have taught in this academic year – Fall 2015, Winter 2016 and Spring 2016.

Courses Taught:

Course Code

Course Title




SYST10049 Web Development 3 1st Sem. Fall 2015
SYST10199 Web Programming 3 2nd Sem. Winter 2016
PROG37721 Web Services using .NET & C# Programming 6 4th and 5th Sem. Fall 2015
Winter 2016
Spring 2016

SYST10049 – Web Development:

Description: In this course, students learned how to use HTML5 and CSS3 to create websites that are laid out in a logical file structure. Students published their websites to a dedicated student space with emphasis on website security. They also learned how to create forms with various controls and types of form handlers. Studies incorporate the latest web technologies.

SYST10199 – Web Programming:

Description: The curriculum focused on both client-side and server-side web programming. The client-side app development was done using JavaScript and server-side was done using PHP. In this course, students learned how to program simple, dynamic, client-side web apps using the JavaScript. Students also learned how to write web app code on the server-side using the PHP programming language with a MySQL database.

PROG37721 – Web Services using .NET & C# Programming:

The curriculum focused on Microsoft’s .NET technologies to learn database programming (ADO.NET), web programming with ASP.NET, and Web Services in the C# programming language. In this course, students were introduced to the Microsoft.NET Platform and learn to develop Windows Forms applications; dynamic, data driven Web applications and Web Services. This course was delivered in two distinct, equal, segments:

  1. Introduction to .NET and Windows Forms applications
  2. Web development using ASP.NET and web services.

Classroom Management:

I usually discuss with my students what we’ll be doing in the class. Then for each topic, I do one example and then allow my students to explore further. As my students bring laptops to the class, my motive is let the students do some work in the class. I believe students learn more when they spend more time dealing with the content. After each small topic, students do the do-it-yourself activities while I resolve their issues, if they face any. Do-it-yourself exercises are designed in such a way that:

  • Students discuss the activity with their table partners.
  • Students help each other.
  • Students search the web and discuss.
  • Solution is provided to them and they check their own work.